What is VAPG?

The Value Added Producer Grant (VAPG), administered by USDA Rural Development, represents one of our nation’s most successful stimulus programs, directly funding agricultural producers and harvesters. The most recent Farm Bill increases mandatory funding for the program from $15 million to $63 million over five years while also reauthorizing an additional $40 million in discretionary funding. 

Who receives VAPG awards?

Many agricultural clients are eligible for USDA’s current maximum, $250,000, if their application is properly prepared and assembled. VAPG grants are awarded to businesses that produce a wide array of products including: dairy, wine, meats, grains, fruit/vegetables, fish, forest products, and many more.

Elm Grove offers VAPG services throughout the United States, always meeting you and your family where you live. Since 2007 we have written $7.5 million of successful grants for 35 clients; 31 were awarded much-coveted working capital grants. Read about some of our VAPG success stories.

What are Elm Grove's fees for VAPG grantwriting?

Elm Grove will prepare VAPG Working Capital Grants and Planning Grants with no up-front costs to you. If a grant is awarded, we will invoice you for a predetermined percentage of the grant award. No fees will be assessed if your application is unsuccessful.

If your grant is awarded, Elm Grove will invoice your business in three installments coinciding with your business’s receipt of payment from USDA. In this manner you make payments as you receive USDA reimbursements, easing your cash flow.

Elm Grove does virtually all the work and takes 100% of the risk. You have almost 90% odds of being awarded federal funds to grow your business for doing little more than providing us the necessary information.

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