Serving agricultural producers throughout the United States

Elm Grove Enterprises is an independent business serving the unique needs of farmers, ranchers, value-added food enterprises, and the businesses and organizations that support them. We network with agricultural professionals who provide specialized knowledge and skills to customize our services to your business needs. Our services include VAPG grant writing, business plans, and seminars and education. Read more about us.

Streams of cash to your business

VAPG grant writing, our primary service, brings streams of cash to agricultural producers through federal (USDA) and state programs designed to stimulate rural economies. We secure funds to support a wide range of operating expenses via the Value Added Producer Grant (VAPG) program. VAPG and some state programs also provide funds for development of Feasibility Studies and/or business plans when required. 


We can answer your questions.

Elm Grove can answer your questions about VAPG grant writing and other important services, free of charge. Contact us for more information.