A history of grant-writing success. A commitment to serving agriculture.

Elm Grove is committed to providing excellent service and delivering tangible results for clients counting on our expertise to help you grow your business. Our success rate with first-time VAPG grants is approximately 90%, and we have a 100% success rate with regard to resubmitted grants.

Our track record includes 35 successful VAPG applications (31 working capital grants and 4 planning grants) for agricultural producers around the country. We have served clients involved in a number of industries, including:


The Elm Grove team has extensive experience working with dairy producers. We have secured a total of $1,968,000 in grants for eight dairy farmers producing bottled milk, ice cream, yogurt, and butter. Founder Bob Olson's family was involved in dairy farming in Wisconsin for three generations.


Our grant-writing efforts have yielded $2,401,500 for ten grape producers. Bob Olson sits on the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Grape Growers Association. He continues to cultivate relationships with growers and vintners in the Midwest and throughout the United States.


Elm Grove works with meat producers throughout the country. To date, we have secured a total of $1,195,000 in funding for six producers of beef, poultry, bison, and branded pork.

Fruits and Vegetables

We have written eight successful grants for fruit and vegetable growers. These grants have brought a total of $1,069,500 to four vegetable producers and four fruit producers, including an apple grower who makes cider and preserves, an organic vegetable farmer who direct-sells via CSA shares and wholesale accounts, and a climate-controlled lettuce enterprise.


Elm Grove understands the challenge of grain farming. We have gained $600,000 for two grain producers -- $300,000 for an organic corn farmer who produces tortilla chips and $300,000 for a group of soybean farmers who produce oil and soybean meal. 


Our firm has relevant experience with fishermen and fisheries, many of which have had to adapt to challenging shifts in their industry over the last few years. Our recent grant writing has resulted in $300,000 for a commercial harvester who produces fish fillets for the wholesale market. 

We may be able to obtain USDA grant money for your business. Contact us to discuss your goals.